Monday, February 25, 2013

A list of awarded consortia

A list of awarded consortia is provided below with the lead ISD and the consortium contact person listed.  If you have questions about a consortium, please contact the consortium contact person, not the MDE.  Also, attached is a map highlighting the awarded consortia. 

  1. Greater Michigan Education Consortium, led by Genesee ISDLuke Wittum, (810) 591-4436 or
  1. Intra-Michigan Technology Readiness Leadership Consortium, led by Wexford-Missaukee ISDTom Johnson, (231) 383-2668 or
  1. Kent ISD Consortium, led by Kent ISD
Glen Finkel, (616) 301-6192 or

  1. Rural Northern Michigan Consortium, led by Copper Country ISD
Mike Richardson, (906) 482-4520 or

  1. Southwest Michigan Consortium, led by Kalamazoo RESA
Brian Schupbach, (269) 250-9255 or

Saturday, February 23, 2013


(Building a Framework for Collaboration in Michigan)

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Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant Updates - Memo 2/7/2013

Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant Updates

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Introduction Screencast of 2012-13 Section 22.i Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grants


This screencast explains how public school districts, public school academies, and intermediate school districts are encouraged to participate in the 2012-13 Section 22.i Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grants program through the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Education Improvement and Innovation.

Introduction Screencast of 2012-13 Section 22.i Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grants from Bruce Umpstead on Vimeo.

Category Four is now available in MEGS+

Category Four is now available in MEGS+. Every district needs to submit this by
March 20, 2013. Districts will select which consortium they will join. The role of the
consortium is to assist districts with becoming ‘technology ready’ for online

GMEC Consortium created by Luke Wittum - Prezi on

GMEC Consortium created by Luke Wittum

Greater Michigan Education Consortium (GMEC) Greater Michigan Education Consortium Genesee ISD serves as the fiscal agent Consortium of 22 ISDs GMEC Governance Governance structure Genesee ISD is committed to ensuring that the consortium works collaboratively and that every ISD’s voice is equally valued. Decisions made by the consortium will be decided by a vote of the Governing Board. A super-majority of 75% or more will be required to determine a decision with each ISD counting as one vote. Some decision making will be delegated to subgroups created by the consortium to carry out the work of the grant. The superintendent of each ISD on the Governing Board will specify a voting delegate. Roll call should be 100% of the Governing Board members allowing for absentee voting GMEC Governance Guiding Principles Founding ISDs will constitute the Governing Board for the consortium. Leadership for the consortium will be handled by the Governing Board. Each member of the Governing Board has an equal voice in decision making ( vote per Founding ISD) Each ISD has a wealth of talent and experience; and the participation of each ISD in the consortium will make the whole group more effective and better able to carry out the duties of the grant. GMEC Technology Readiness Plan Potentially over 300 local districts and PSAs to assist Hire Technology Readiness Coordinators to assist LEAs/PSAs in becoming technology ready. Technology Readiness Coordinators duties will include: Develop guidelines and path for "Tech Readiness" for LEAs/PSAs (in cooperation with Activity Two) Consult with individual districts and PSAs Hold Technology Readiness Workshops Share best practices with all consortium members