Monday, April 22, 2013

The TRIG SPOT desktop forecasting window is now open. (SPOT Bid Michigan 22.i)

The TRIG SPOT desktop forecasting window is now open.

Please have your authorized SPOT user visit the site to complete forecasting.  The forecast window will be open from today until 5pm on May 7.  Your existing SPOT user and password will continue to work for forecasting and purchasing through the SPOT tool.

If you do not have a SPOT user, the user creation survey is available from your TRIG Tech Ready contact person, and will be open until noon on May 6.

The expected bid award is June 19, with the purchase window open by July 1 - July 31.

The desktop units will be discounted based on volume purchasing, but will not qualify for the incentive payments.

As with the mobile device bid, the forecast is for a limited number of items (desktops and monitors) for simplicity and ease of forecasting, but the final purchase will include additional options for extended warranty, memory and hard drive upgrades, etc.

Any questions can be directed to (my apologies to anyone that got a bounced message as I mistyped this address in my last email).

The FAQ page is available here as well -


Michael Richardson         REMC 1 Director
906.482.4520 x240          811 Hecla St             Hancock, MI  49930
For difficulties with the listserv, please contact
For difficulties with the listserv, please contact 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

22i Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) Overview

FOCUS: The focus of this grant is to develop or improve a
district’s technology infrastructure, including, but not
limited to, hardware and software, in preparation for the
planned implementation in 2014-2015 of online growth

1. Build a statewide interconnected network to support
reliable unencumbered access to online assessments.
2. Establish collective purchasing contracts for learning
devices and online content.
3. Leverage regional networks to facilitate the
consolidation and improve services levels for data,
technology, and other related services to service centers.
4. Build capacity to assist educators in planning and
implementing the best practices and technology required
to support the next generation of assessment, teaching,
and learning.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Consortia Named for the 22.i program

Consortia Named
1. Intra-Michigan Technology Readiness Leadership Consortium (Wexford-Missaukee ISD Awardee) Orange
2. Greater Michigan Educational Consortium (Genesee ISD Awardee) Blue
3. Kent ISD Consortium (Kent ISD Awardee) Green
4. Rural Northern Michigan Consortium (Coppery Country ISD Awardee) Purple
5. Southwest Michigan Consortium (Kalamazoo RESA Awardee) Red

Activity Two – Technology Readiness Planning Pilot On March 20

Activity Two – Technology Readiness Planning Pilot On March 20, Activity Two held a successful pilot training of the Michigan Technology Readiness Tool (MTRAx). A total of 127 participants were in attendance for the training at Wayne RESA. In total, the group comprised a vast majority of the Intermediate School Districts in the state as well as a number of local districts from those ISDs/RESAs. The three hour
training gave an overview of MTRAx reports as well as giving participants detailed information so they can complete the survey. Once the pilot districts have successfully completed the pilot phase MTRAx, they will be helping train the rest of the districts in the state as the survey is rolled out to all districts in the fall.

Activity Four – Statewide Device and Software Purchasing Consortium

Activity Four just finished receiving commitments through the State Procurement Online Tool (SPOT) for the device purchasing project. In all, over 475 districts forecasted that they would be purchasing devices through the pilot project. Here is the breakdown of the number of devices by type that were committed to be purchased:

Description Forecasted:

Netbook Computer, Windows 6,088
Netbook Computer, MacOS 2,633
Netbook Computer, Chromebook 16,017
Notebook Computer, Windows 6,523
Notebook Computer, MacOS 2,296
Notebook Computer, Linux 581
Tablet Computer, iOS 33,939
Tablet Computer, Android 2,303
Tablet Computer, Windows 1,462

Grand Total 71,842

Information on the incentive rebate will be sent out soon so that districts can begin to plan for the potential amount of money they will receive through the device incentive program.