Saturday, March 23, 2013

FAQs responses regarding SPOT and the purchasing pilot:

FAQs responses regarding SPOT and the purchasing pilot:
  • Each district will have only 1 SPOT user.
  • The SPOT user is for both forecasting, and later for purchasing devices.
  • Each email address can only be associated with 1 district (can't do forecasting for multiple districts with a single login).
  • The SPOT survey (user creation) is open until 3/27.
  • The forecasting window is open until 3/29.
  • The forecast is NON BINDING, simply measuring district interest levels.
  • The device minimum specifications are inside the SPOT tool, as is estimated LIST pricing.
  • We expect final pricing to be lower than list once vendors bid (based on forecasted volume).
  • Device purchasing will be June 1-July 31.
  • All districts are eligible to purchase from this project - public, private, and PSAs; whether they are participating in TRIG or not.
  • Districts may use any funds to purchase from this pilot, not limited to 22i Category 1 funds.
  • There will be incentive payments for those public schools and PSAs that participate in TRIG.  The incentive amount will be determined based on the number of units purchased, but will not exceed $100.
  • This is the first SPOT purchasing cycle, and this pilot included mobile devices only.
  • Future SPOT cycles could potentially include other devices.
Questions and problems regarding SPOT can be sent to<>.

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